Jase Long

Hometown: London, UK
DOB: August 1994
Height: 6ft
Contest weight: 242lbs
Off-Season weight: 282lbs +
Occupation: Online transformation coach for contest prep clients, lifestyle clients and competitive bodybuilders
Residence: UK

About me:
I’ve helped transform a wide variety of physiques for 6 plus years, coaching over 1000 people from all over the world, working with everyone from general gym-goers to British bodybuilding champions. I am also a competitive bodybuilder weighing 128kg+ in the off-season and approximately 110kg on stage. I have ambitions to turn pro under Jamie Do Rego’s guidance.

I started training at 16 after quitting rugby, fell in love with the gym, and have been training since 2011. I practice volume training, by far the most anabolic approach. I am a highly motivated individual in any walk of life that I commit to. Whether its business, sports, or anything even slightly rewarding, I work hard to see the fruits of my labour. I believe that with drive, hunger, and hard work, you can get anywhere in life.

I also feel I have genetic potential on my side, and in due time, with years of graft and focus, I will showcase something I am proud of and will keep working towards that. It’s that simple, and nothing will get in the way. I live and breathe training. I can’t function without it, which is probably why I hate rest days.

Nutrition principles:
Keep it clean and enjoy wholefoods that digest well. It’s not about what you consume. It’s about what you digest. People get caught up in the latest social media fads. I keep it old school. 

Training principles:
I keep it simple, don’t marry one method, explore all rep ranges, and master the barbell. More importantly, nail form and earn the right to load the barbell.

Current goals (business/training/personal):
Turn pro, become a household name, online coach, and well-known bodybuilder

My motivation:
To be better than yesterday

Favourite body part:
Training legs is love-hate. Its physically challenging but feels good when you make it to the other side. I hate training arms.

Favourite prep meal:
Steak and avocado

Favourite cheat meal:
Steak with double chips and any salted caramel desert, maybe some sweets to end the night too

Career highlights:
None yet, but there will be. I am still climbing the ladder, getting closer to my goals each day.

Sport A Level, Level 2 and 3 personal trainer

Favourite quote:
“Constant repetition carries conviction”.

How did you get into fitness and competing?
I am an ex rugby player who converted to bodybuilding. I played all levels from amateur rugby to pro ranks, with paid university scholarships. I fell out of love with the sport and quickly fell in love with the weight room endorphins and the feeling you get from working out.

How do you balance your social life and fitness life? For me, there’s no such thing as balance. It falls hand in hand.

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