Bodybuilding nutrition simplified

Raw Foods Dubai is a meal prep company created by elite athletes for elite athletes. We deliver vacuum-sealed packs of high-quality, clean and lean protein, carbs and vegetables. All our meals are chef-crafted, freshly prepared, and nutritionally balanced to support your fitness lifestyle, providing the energy and nutrients you need for bodybuilding growth and repair. Vacuum-sealing avoids contact with air, which means your food keeps fresher for longer and retains all its juices and flavour.

How it works

Our concept is easy and hassle-free, making it easier for the determined fitness professional to focus, eat well, and save time in the kitchen. To order, browse our protein, carb, and vegetable menus. Click on the items you like, select the weight (choice of 250g or 500g), seasoned or plain, and the quantity required. Add them to your shopping basket, and continue shopping or proceed to checkout. Meals are prepared fresh on the day of delivery, delivered to your door three times a week, and are ready to heat and eat in minutes.

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